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1st Mar 2014

Staff Application:

In-Game Name: deathclaq
Time Zone: [ pacific]
Have you ever been a part of staff on any other server before? [yes]
*(If you chose "yes"

- What server(s) were you staff on? TechyCraft and my own server
- When were you staff on that server? Techy craft a 6 months ago and my server closed 3 months ago
- How long were you staff on that sever for?  2 years for my own server and 1 year for TechyCraft
- Are you still staff on that server? no]
*(If no) Why are you no longer staff on that server? They closed
Can we contact the owner of that server for refrence reasons? [no]
What is the owners most convienent form of communication?  [FB, KIK, E-MAIL, or other]
I do not have contact with TechyCraft owner anymore.
What member of staff were you Owner an Head Admin
What was your role? To enforce the laws and help people
Are you currently staff on any server? [no]


Please list at least 5 or more reasons on why you think you should be apart of TC's Staff:
*(Answers realted to; Because I'm Awsome, Just Cause, or any irrelevent reasons will not be accepted)
I am very mature for a 14 year old. I know how servers work. I can help getting good plugins for the server. If i abuse my powers ban me. I do not like when admins/mods are "abusive." I can set up a good shop. I can help everyone.

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1st Mar 2014

i like your application i hope you get accepted
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1st Mar 2014

No, because you hacked the server.

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Why should I fill this in again?

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