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In order to complete a application for staff please do the following.

Staff Application:

In-Game Name:______________________________
Time Zone: [        ]
Have you ever been a part of staff on any other server before? [yes/no]
*(If you chose "yes"
- What server(s) were you staff on? ______________________
- When were you staff on that server? _________________________
- How long were you staff on that sever for? __________________________
- Are you still staff on that server? [yes/no]
*(If no) Why are you no longer staff on that server? _______________________
Can we contact the owner of that server for refrence reasons? [yes/no]
What is the owners most convienent form of communication?  [FB, KIK, E-MAIL, or other]
What member of staff were you?_______________________________________
What was your role?___________________________________________________
Are you currently staff on any server? [yes/no]

Please list at least 5 or more reasons on why you think you should be apart of TC's Staff:
*(Answers realted to; Because I'm Awsome, Just Cause, or any irrelevent reasons will not be accepted)

Are you 16 years or older? [yes/no]
How old are you? [yes/no]
Would you like to add your Birthday Here on TC we like to celebrate our members Birthdays by broadcasting or other creative ways to acknowledge the B-Day Player!! you will also recieve B-Day perks
When is your birthday? _______________________________________
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